6 – 8 October 2017: Poland

10 September 2017: Reading, UK
June 7, 2017
15 – 17 September: Torquay
August 16, 2017

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Workshop 1 (Joana Saahirah) : Modern Egyptian Dance, Cairo Style with a full majance sequence taught in pure Cairo Style. I´ll be teaching my own “majance”, composed for my show in Egypt by the talented Hossam Shaker.
Technique, self-expression, charisma power, love vibe and choreography included.

Workshop 2 (Serena Ramzy): Classical oriental dance- music interpretation- layers Classical Oriental dance has evolved with history and transformed with time. It absorbed traditional and contemporary, regional and foreign, new and old. A choreography that embodies this perspective plus understanding of musical layers that directs a dancer into the music. Choreography- musical interpretation- musical understanding.

Workshop 3 (Serena Ramzy): Rhythm- Rhythm is the starting point in music and dance. The best is what drives us. Understanding them is of utmost importance, how it affects the moods and directions we take as dancers. How o phrase and interpret them with confidence Choreo- theory- musicality

Workshop 4 (Joana Saahiah): Oum Kalthoum Special: Dancing the Voice of the Orient -The Art of Tarab.

Oum Kolthoum was – still is – the Voice of the Orient and her music represents the highest point of artistic expression in Egypt. Learning how to listen and interpret Om Kolthoum is a master degree in Oriental Dance.

Concepts like TARAB, orchestration, interpretation, technique and personal expression within the music will be at the heart of this workshop that will make you fall in love – forever – with the true beauty of the Egyptian Classical repertoire.

Technique and illustrative short choreography

Lecture 1 (Joana Saahirah): Lecture about Stage Performance – a glimpse at some of the greatest dancers in Egyptian History and why they were so great. Videos, music and images shared

Lecture 2 (Serena Ramzy)Golden Era The source of inspiration for many come from those preceding and leading the way. The artists from the golden era had their’s and now they themselves are ours. They changed the world then and now they give us roots. An insight in how they have affected our dance and continue to do so. cultural concept- dance derivations

Lecture 3 (Joana Saahirah): Egyptian Folklore and its influence in Oriental Dance
Enjoy an Open Lecture – open to YOUR questions – about Egyptian Folklore, which Joana learnt directly from the hands of Master Mahmoud Reda – aka Father of Egyptian Folklore & creator of Reda Troupe – and its influence in Oriental Dance.
During all her years of career in Egypt, Joana performed with her orchestra in the best venues of the country at night and worked as choreography & teaching assistant of Mahmoud Reda during the day. The connection between those two worlds is at the centre of this amazing lecture.
Images, music and video clips will be shown during the lecture.

Lecture 4 (Serena Ramzy): Baladi- An urbanised folklore that seems to steal the hearts of dancer from all over the world. In Understanding this tradition we will look at musical and cultural aspects as well as body language and the message of baladi. Theory – dêmos or videos