Belly Dance Classes

Private classes / Online Classes

Dance classes especially for YOU!

Welcome to the most special dance classes you will ever take….

These classes will be specially designed by Serena Ramzy, especially for your particular needs with the aim of enhancing your DANCE ABILITY.

Serena is available for private tuition at her own dance studio for those who want to develop their dance skills and abilities and to improve to the next level of their dancing. These are One-To-One belly dance classes to ensure privacy and intensive individual attention to all your personal needs within your own dance style.

* Understanding of the rhythms and variations of steps to the various rhythms.
* Classes on musical interpretation.
* How to interpret each instrument as well as the various orchestral phrases within a classical dance composition.

This is together with
* exercises to increase their ability to be one with the music.
* How to workout your own choreographies.
* How to develop your own style within your dance.
* Learn new choreographies created by Serena as well as help to improve your own dance routine in any style you like to dance.

* The basic understanding of the components of a Baladi improvisation.
* Improvising with any Baladi piece of music and making it come alive.
* Posture and attitudes within the Baladi.
* The relationship between “Tabla Solos” and the Baladi.

* Bedouin / Folklore
* Saidi (Upper Egypt).
* Fallahy ( Nile Delta)

* How to interact with a live drummer.
* Organize your own Tabla Solo routine to create maximum impact on your audience.
* Various isolation and interpretations in a Tabla Solo.
* The “Rule of 4’s” within a Tabla Solo.

These classes are for:

– Foundation / Beginners
– Improvers / Intermediates
– Advanced & Professionals

These classes can be given online for overseas students.

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Monthly Classes for all levels:

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