Terms & Conditions

Dear Dance Workshops Organiser,

Thank you for the invitation to your city.

My terms and conditions are very simple and straight forward:

1. Finances:

For the

Hafla / Concert (25 minutes performance)

Dance workshops (2 x 4hrs over 2 days)

This is based on a maximum of 60 dancers in the class.

For all the above the charge is:

To be discussed

This is plus:  

  • Flights for Serena from London Gatwick Airport / your city / London Gatwick.
  • Plus hotel (good standard and agreed before booking)

Plus food for the period Serena is with you, or a suitable, per-day payment.

If we agree and all is well, then I will ask you to pay a 25% deposit into Serena’s account and sign a contract for the workshops visit.


Normally, I ask the organisers to choose a suitable hall with a stage if needed, where Serena can stand and teach and be seen by everyone. Mirrors are not necessary, but it will be good to have mirrors. If there is a good size studio with mirrors and no stage, this will be even better.

3. Merchandising:

During all of the events, the only merchandising allowed by Serena or pre arranged and agreed vendors.

No sale of any smoking or eating products at any of our events except catering to the dancers or audience during the breaks of workshop or concert.

4. Concert Orhafla:

Serena will not perform in restaurants or while guests are eating or drinking.

  • Serena does not perform in restaurants, bars or in an event where people are sitting down to eat around tables or have just eaten.
  • The show has to be in a proper theatre setting or similar venues that have proper facilities. Like good dressing rooms and professional quality sound and lighting systems.
  • No live music by anyone unless the whole night is live music.
  • All dancers must submit a list of the music they are dancing to, so as to not to create conflict with what Serena or the other dancers are dancing to.
  • We only invite special guests to dance in the first half of our show (one dance each dancer). These guest dancers would be…. Your good self as the organiser and other leading dancers in the city we are visiting. If a teacher or a school have a troupe then we allow the teacher dance with her troupes.
  • No commercial video recording of the show without written and expressed permission in writing from Serena Ramzy.

5. Concert posters and promotion are to include the image of Serena Only.

No other dancers to be included except with her prior written approval.

6. Publicity:

I will supply you with photos and images to use for the publicity. However, Serena must give her acceptance to all artworks of leaflets, flyers and posters before you start printing them.


Serena has a goal in her life and that is the promotion of the Egyptian Dance in the right way and creates and gives the right image of this culture.  I hope, and I clearly see that you share this goal with her.

We would like to request that all dancers invited to dance in the first half of the concert to observe a high level of class as far as dance costumes are concerned and not wear any attire that may be misleading or may be misconstrued as over revealing. We trust that this is the case already.

I think we have covered the most important points and aspects of the information you need, but please, feel free to ask me about anything further you need to know.

Thank you, once again for your interest in bringing Serena to your city.

Best Regards